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Is your toothbrush clean?

Surprisingly, Record China says that according to the experiment that the dentist of Taiwan did, there are more than one million bacteria in toothbrush which was used for 3 weeks.  This number of bacteria is equal to 80 times the bacteria included in the water of the toilet. http://headlines.yahoo.co.jp/hl?a=20090701-00000024-rcdc-cn



I was really surprised by this article. I use toothbrush everyday to clean my teeth but I take so many bacteria in my body by tooth brushing. This article says that it helps to get diseases. If the toothbrush which is used for only 3 weeks has so many bacteria equal to 80 times it included in the water of toilet, how many bacteria in the toothbrush which is used for more than 3 weeks????  How long do you use one toothbrush? I use one toothbrush for about 2 or 3 months, so maybe my toothbrush has a number not imaginable of bacteria…unbelievable!!! To avoid this terrible situation, we have to think how to keep our teethbrush. Bacteria like humid place: thus we should keep our toothbrush dry.

We do not think that toothbrush has so many bacteria because we use it everyday, but the thing that we always use is dirty rather than the thing that we do not use always. I heard that the number of bacteria in keyboard and cellular phone is so higher than the number of bacteria in the water of the toilet like toothbrush. I learned that we should keep clean our tools because we use them everyday.


mama sweets

Do you know the cake shop which is nearby Asakura center and opend this April?

The cake shop is named “mama sweets” .

The owner is my friend and I sometimes help her.

She has two suns and work as good mother and good patissier.

Her sweets are very delicious and tastes kind. I can calm down when I eat her sweets!

Moreover, the price of her cakes are very inexpensive!!!!!!

The mark of the shop is green roof. You can find the shop near Asakura center easily.

I made her shop cards, so I can give you the card.

Please cheak it out☆

My recommend alcohol of Kochi

As you know, Kochi is famouse of alcohol.

So, here is my paradise because I like alcohol very much!!

Today, I want to recommend Kochi’s Syochu named “Dabada Hiburi”.

It is made from chestnuts. The taste and scent are very fruity.

You may imagine about syochu like that “Smell is bad” or “Too heavy”, but this shocyu is very good scent and light to drink.

I want to drink this syochu.

Please try it when you go to bar!!

Frogs are coming again

You know, my house is beside field (Japanese say Tanbo). Today, I welcomed many pretty guests!!

They are small pretty frogs. The sise is about only a centimeter. Too small!!!

I think they just become frogs from tadpoles.

They came my home last year, so I welcome them this year again!

I like frogs very much, so I am happy today☆

Do you like frogs?

If you do not like frogs, you had better not to come my home.


Recently, Kochi university’s buildings are getting beautiful.

Now I can see beautiful buildings of Faculty of Science.

They have BEAUTIFUL  and HIGH-QUALITY buildings.

Why we  Faculty of Humanities and Economics can not have beautiful buildings like as other faculty students?

We pay school fee the same way but treatment is different.

I think this is unfair.

How do you think about it?

What is LOVE?

I want to ask you ,

How do you say “恋” and “愛” in English.

May be we Japanese can distinguish the two words, but English has the one word “LOVE”.

Lately, I wonder that what is love.

I feel various feelings about love, for my family, friends, lover,pets… and so on.

The feeling can be said “LOVE” but not same.

We Japanese have some words of love, but how can English shows various love????

Language is difficult…

Drink Party

I want to have a drink party of EPIC.

I know we are friendly and having good relationship☆

But maybe professors feel that our effort is not enough.

We have great assignment this week, so let’s have a drink party after finish the assignments and get more spirit!!!!!!

We can be more strong about EPIC!!!!

And I want to make EPIC more better!!!!

How do you think this wonderful plan???

Please tell me!